Wellbeing support.

Staying Well Service

Our people’s wellbeing is immensely important to us. We know that without the people in our Trust being well, we are unable to deliver the high quality and effective service to the patients in the communities that we serve.

Therefore, it is essential that we ensure our people are supported and empowered to lead healthy, happy and fit lives and make positive choices that support their wellbeing.

SWASFT team receiving award on stage.

Award Winning Service

The Trust’s Staying Well Service have been awarded the Recognition of Excellence & Outstanding Engagement Award at the 2023 Great British Workplace Wellbeing Awards.

The award recognises organisations that have placed outstanding engagement with its staff on an individual level at the heart of its workplace wellbeing strategy and have helped to create direct and positive outcomes with individuals as a result of its engagement.

We offer Wagestream!

Financial Wellbeing Benefit

We provide all our people with a financial wellbeing benefit that gives you complete visibility over your earnings.

Wagestream is a tool for everyday life that lets you get paid your way by letting you track your wages across all of your assignments in real-time, stream a percentage of the wages you’ve earned already, learn easy tips to manage your money and save your wages straight from your pay.

Health and wellbeing.

Wellbeing Support

We are excited to have a new Health and Wellbeing Catalogue which expands our offerings of support in the Staying Well Service to our people.

We have a range of different proactive interventions/vouchers/activities to give you the opportunity to try something new as a way of managing your wellbeing and looking after your overall health.

Engagement Days

The Staying Well Service provides regular visits around the Trust area. The aim of these visits is to raise awareness of the Service, how you can access the service and how it can support you as well as promoting the Freedom to Speak Up initiative.

These events provide our people with the opportunity to talk to our team about their concerns and about what the service can offer. It also enables us to learn from our people about what they think the Staying Well Service can do to continue offering a wide range of the most appropriate support.

Freedom to speak up.

Freedom to speak up

It’s about speaking up about anything that gets in the way of doing a great job



We are a Veteran Aware Trust and have committed to support our armed forces colleagues

Peer support guardians.

Peer support guardians

We have a network for our people formed to provide staff with consistent and localised welfare support

Network & forums.

Network & forums

To ensure an inclusive and diverse workspace. Our networks provide an opportunity to raise awareness of different subject areas through their expertise and lived experience.

Invest in yourself.

Invest in Yourself

Invest in Yourself health promotion programme; we hope will inspire you to fill each year with things that are good for you, make you happy and keep you fit and healthy



We support you with self-help resources to improve your own mental health or personal wellness without the need for extensive professional help.

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