Joining the NHS Pension scheme

Being in the scheme provides lots of important benefits for you and your family. When you retire you’ll get a pension payable for life.

This is fully guaranteed by the government. You can choose to swap some of your annual pension for a one-off lump sum when you retire.

There’s also options to let you plan when you take your pension. Depending on what type of member you are, you can be flexible about when you take your pension whilst continuing to work.

If you want to you can choose to take your pension before your normal pension age. Your pension will be reduced because it is being paid to you earlier and will be paid to you for longer.

You will also be covered for death benefits. This means your family may be entitled to benefits including a lump sum and a pension for partners and dependent children.

You won’t pay income tax on the contributions you make which are based on your pensionable pay.

Members in the NHS Pensions scheme can register for the new online portal which will allow members to view and manage their NHS pensions in one place.

For further information please visit the website below which will take you to the national page and the Value of the NHS Pensions 2024 poster.

Please see poster for NHS Pensions

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